Here's a couple of photos of some screen inserts that I did for a garden shed out on Sauvie's Island a few years back. There's some process shots of another project that I did last year that is an abbreviated version of the process.. These two panels started out as 11 gauge steel.
Mark and Jane 4.jpg (133762 bytes) Mark and Jane 5.jpg (120582 bytes)
These are pictures of my latest screen commission. It's funny in that I never understood the process that I go through to create a piece like this until I took photos through several steps.
2015_1screen.jpg (2363843 bytes) 2015_2screen.jpg (3728177 bytes)
This screen is going to cover a heat pump outside a couples residence. I had to start by rolling one inch square tube to create a frame that I welded a sheet of 12 gauge steel onto. This was way harder than I ever imagined! I'm just about finished welding the skin to the frame. It's been a long process, but thanks to Mackie, we're just about finished. There's no way I could have completed this step on my own.
2015_3screen.jpg (2991544 bytes) 2015_4screen.jpg (3559146 bytes)
Now comes the drawing process. This is where it gets interesting. I use chalk to "block"color the areas that I don't want to cut out. I draw three or four main elements and then start cutting. I've colored several areas and have started cutting. Notice that I don't have all the parts colored out. Not even close
2015_5screen.jpg (2938887 bytes) 2015_6screen.jpg (3304247 bytes)
Here's a shot of the wheel barrel with tools that I'm working on. I've cut out several parts and I still don't know how it's going to all tie together yet. Just to the right of the wheel barrel is the large vase with flowers that I'm starting to cut out. Lots of coloring and cutting left!

2015_7screen.jpg (3482100 bytes)

This is it! Everything is tied in together, and I love it! We delivered it and the pieces adopted owner loves it to! I'm a lucky guy.