I've been creating hearts for a number of years now. I often use various recycled metals in creating the pieces. Please press the back key once you've viewed the photos!

The diamond plate heart above I created with a piece of recycled shelving, and then I used an old piece of aluminum diamond plate in the cut outs. Each piece is held together with pop rivets The multi-color hear above was created using recycled shelving strips. Each strip is the original color of the shelf.
These are shelf ends that I used in creating the above heart. This took an incredible amount of time to get this just right. The above heart is one of my favorite. I used original colored shelving slats and end pieces. Fabulous!
The blue heart with white strips is inspired from growing up in the 1960's. I remember an old jacket that I had that was blue with white stripes. What a wonderful time. The yellow with red stripes is another inspired 1960's piece. I love racing stripes.
This red heart is an oldie but goodie. I used reclaimed metal is the skeleton key that was left over from another manufacturing process. This piece was inspired from the time I took flying lessons; these are the colors from the airplane.