Some of these shots are old, and some are newer. I've been creating art for most of my life, and I have a number of photos from years gone by that I'll add. Click on any of the photos and it will open to a larger picture.


This was a bird bath that I was creating about 15 years ago.

Picture_019.jpg (131030 bytes)

This guy is way too serious looking Seriously, this was a trip from one of the many places that I was looking for scrap. It's somewhere between about 15-20 years ago

Picture_020.jpg (119513 bytes)

This guy doesn't look to serious. This was an old gator that we had on display at the Live Oak Park Fair in Berkeley, California.

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Another salvage picture. Man, that's some good stuff! Picture_017.jpg (117198 bytes)
Nice peace sign. Clifton Working.jpg (100796 bytes)
Cranking on bending some metal! Joe Bending Metal.JPG (92819 bytes)