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July 30, 2017

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Growing up in California in the 1960's, there was incredible architectural examples all around me. Swooping arrows, space age buildings, Frontier Village (the later an incredible amusement park in San Jose, California), inspired my creative juices. Later, we moved to West Virginia on the family farm where I was first exposed to welding. Initially, it was garden art, and over the years, my voice grew in working with recycled sheet metal. The best way to view any artists work is in person. Click on the show schedule link above to see where we're going to be at next.

My work is still inspired by retro objects molded into objects enjoyed by collectors world wide. Many of my new pieces are inspired by love, science fiction, and pre-neon signs. I use commercial sockets and C-7 bulbs - I love the marquee look that filament bulbs add to my lighted work. In a world of upcoming self-driving cars, we still work the old fashioned way, one piece of art at a time. 

Connect with me through my Facebook page at to see what's new. And you can always head to my Pinterest Page to see more photos - . My email address is and my cell phone is 360-521-9314.


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